About Me

Contact me via email at [email protected].

You can read an interview of me over on Cathy Zielske’s blog if you’d like to learn more about my own scrapbooking journey.

Some FAQs:

  1. What’s your goal here? Are you just re-posting stuff to make money?
    Ha. Hahahahahaa…ya, no. I do try to earn a bit of income from the web site but what I have taken in is very tiny. (Think low four figures over many years, no more.)

    My goal from the very beginning was to show appreciation to all the designers and crafters online who share freely with their community. Back in the very early 2000’s, I followed tons of sewing blogs and downloaded many free patterns (thank you Wee Wonderfuls for the cute Pointy Kitty softy pattern!) Then after my first son was born in 2009, I was researching digital scrapbooking and found more free downloadable kits then I could use. I was agog over the whole generous community and felt I just had to share. And that is still my main goal today, to share and help promote online crafters.

  2. Where do you find all these freebies?
    Stay tuned for a whole post on where I find stuff. For now, if you are interested in doing your own digging, follow your favorite store’s and designer’s blogs on Feedly or Bloglovin. Subscribe to their email newsletters. Follow their accounts on your favorite social media platform. Or you could just follow me cuz I do the work for you!

  3. Why are there so many expired freebies on the site? Why not delete them?
    First, because of maintenance. I can’t monitor every single freebie to make sure it’s still live. Second, deleting posts will negatively effect the search engine optimization of the web site.

    Occasionally, I post something that isn’t free. That’s a big booboo on my part and I get super annoyed at myself when it happens. I’m human, I make mistakes. Sometimes I misunderstood the offer or the expiration date, sometimes I have it scheduled to post at a later date and it expires in the meantime.

    A few months ago (I’m writing this in June 2020) I moved all the content from four Blogger sites onto a single, new website. I removed tons of old posts. So most of what is on the site now is still available but at some point the scale will tip and the older stuff will expire.

    I’m sorry if what you came to the site for isn’t available any longer. BUT I hope you stick around and find something else.