Color Me Happy: Scrapbook Layout Prompts

12 themes and sample layouts for effortless scrapbook page creation.

The Color Me Happy digital scrapbooking collection is bursting with cheerful colors and playful designs perfect for celebrating life’s simple joys. Color Me Happy is ideal for capturing those everyday moments that bring a smile to your face. Whether you’re documenting your daily routines, weekly highlights, or monthly milestones, let this collection help you remember and cherish the happy moments that make life truly special.

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1. Weekly Highlights: Capture the highlights of your week, showcasing moments of joy, laughter, and simple pleasures.

2. Monthly Milestones: Reflect on the milestones and achievements you’ve reached each month, celebrating progress and growth.

3. Burst of Color: Create layouts that highlight the use of cheerful colors in your life, whether in your wardrobe, home decor, or favorite places.

4. Playful Moments: Document fun and playful moments with family or friends, capturing the joy and laughter you share.

Layout by Candy using the Joy in Others prompt and documenting her child’s love of rock climbing.

5. Joy in Others: Document the happiness you see in loved ones and how that makes you feel happy as well.

6. Simple Pleasures: Reflect on the simple pleasures that make life special, such as reading a good book, enjoying a hobby, or spending time in nature.

7. Happy Routines: Showcase your daily or weekly routines that bring happiness and a sense of contentment to your life.

Layout by Sean celebrating his granddaughter’s first birthday and how thankful he is for FaceTime since she lives so far away.

8. Colorful Connections: Capture the vibrant relationships in your life that bring you joy, whether it’s with family, friends, or pets.

9. Unexpected Happiness: Reflect on unexpected moments of happiness that brightened your day, no matter how small.

10. Creative Expression: Showcase your creative projects and hobbies that bring you joy, whether it’s crafting, painting, or cooking.

11. Positive Vibes: Document how you stay positive and uplifted, especially during challenging times, and the practices that help you maintain a happy mindset.

12. Favorite Things: Create a layout featuring your favorite things that always make you happy, from foods to movies to activities.

The Color Me Happy Collection is available at Digital Scrapbooking Studio