Solar Eclipse: Scrapbook Layout Prompts

10 themes and sample layouts for effortless scrapbook page creation.

Craft stunning scrapbook layouts with the Solar Eclipse Collection and accompanying journaling prompts! Designed to spark your creativity, these themes help you delve deeper into storytelling on your scrapbook pages. Explore inspiring sample layouts that capture the captivating essence of the solar eclipse, inviting you to embrace the beauty of celestial wonders and the mysteries of the universe.

The Solar Eclipse Collection is available at:

J. Conlon and Sons | Digital Scrapbooking Studio | Gingerscraps

1. Celestial Harmony: Explore the balance and interplay between light and darkness in your life.

2. Radiant Moments: Highlight a bright and vibrant memory that shines like the sun.

3. Galactic Adventures: Document your cosmic adventures and travels, whether they’re real journeys under the stars or nighttime dreams.

4. Just A (Moon) Phase: Explore the many phases of your own life or the life of your child or family.

Layout by me documenting a current obsession with watching and reading a science fiction series.

5. Cosmic Love: Celebrate the connections that transcend space and time, capture the love and bonds that have the most meaning to you.

6. Science Fiction: Create a layout with images from your favorite sci-fi tv show, movie or book. Write about why you enjoy it.

Layouts by Deanna Patterson with journaling reflecting on her relationship with God.

7. Eclipse Magic: Document a solar or lunar eclipse you’ve experienced and the sense of wonder they evoke.

8. Starry Nights: Showcase moments spent under the starlit sky—perhaps camping, stargazing, or witnessing the northern lights.

Layout by Karen with photos showing the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse from her home and a poem by Christina Baker.

9. Hello Darkness: Dive into a more troubling time in your life, validate your feelings at the time, and tell how you were able to overcome it.

10. Cosmic Connections: Document moments that remind you of the interconnectedness of the universe and the cosmic forces at play.

The Solar Eclipse Collection is available at:

J. Conlon and Sons | Digital Scrapbooking Studio | Gingerscraps