Happy 2022 DSD! Here’s an amazing deal on a pocket cards bundle!

First things first…
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OK, here’s the amazing deal…

I’ve collected all 19 pocket card sets I currently sell and am offering them as a single, bundled product for just this weekend. It totals 388 cards and includes the brand new, not yet released, Autumn Days pocket card set. Here are all the sets you get…

Releasing October 1st!

You could Project Life your whole year with this collection, no sweat. There’s filler cards, quote cards, and write-your-story cards. Tons of 3x4s, a whole bunch of 4x6s, and even some 4x4s.

That’s over 75% off! And when you add in the 25% off coupon code (only available in my newsletter, wink!) you can get all 19 sets for only $11.25.

Hurry, this offer is only for the DSD weekend and expires October 3, 2022.